Using PPC to BANK

Quick instructions for PPC profits

Remember how I am always telling you to do PPC to make extra dough?

Well you are going to need something to send the traffic to so you legit!

This is your own site that will sell digital products. You get the idea. Feel free to edit it and add some pizazz!

Follow these steps:

  1. Create the site and give it a home page, without products. Get approved by Commission junction or join Amazon associates program
  2. Create an Adwords or Adcenter account
  3. Create your first campaign with adwords or adcenter.
  4. Name your campaign "Best buy" or "Sears" or "autoparts" or "video games"
  5. Then create 20 or so adgroups inside the campaign, each one is another product. If it was a "sears" campaign, then every adgroup would be another item in the store; electric drills, compressors, etc
  6. Every adgroup needs to go to a custom landing page. For instance, (EXAMPLE ONLY) the "electric drills" adgroup will go to a landing page with only electric drills on it. Keywords for electric drills are "electric drill" and "buy electric drill" "electric drills for sale" Look to google using these keywords for ideas on adcopy.
  7. WARNING: Make your site nice! Don't be a scammer! How would the world look if 30,000 people had these sites! I trust that you will make the most amazing site possible and google will love you! Don't let me down!
  8. Run your campaign for 24 hours and turn it off until 30 days later.
  9. Run a new campaign.

Preview the landing page here

Download the landing page here