Prove It

Get yourself on the record. If you talk business… you better have done some business.

As a musician, I had always hated the fact that other musicians (my competitors) would drop names as an attempt to impress me and then pull a fast one on me or others in the room.

In fact, it seemed that this practice, otherwise known as a "false authority fallacy" was used by those who had no real musical talent or skill, (And I'm not just saying that) I mean, I got applause when I performed. They didn't.

Now that's all good. It goes both ways.

Plenty of musicians graduate Juiliard, have amazing skill and never do anything with their careers. I don't mean to sound overly negative but I know these things.

My hypothesis is that the fakes and smooth talkers suffer from some sort of psychosis that has rotted the creative side of their brain, so they are forced to leech off others to survive.

Wanna hear something ironic? Usually the celebrities that I knew were the ones that DID NOT drop names as the attention grows old and redundant fast.

The truth is, people who drop names do it because they feel the need to. Because they do not have a product. They do not know how to produce content.

Sorry, but I cannot simply stand fakes of any kind anymore.

As an example, professors of Universities that teach composition, and they had never composed anything in their entire life.

It takes them 6 months to produce something that they call "contemporary" and in real life sounds like an animal dying for 20 minutes.

I could do better in 3 days and theirs would go nowhere.

See these college professors I am speaking of had only studied composition while earning a Masters or Doctorate and bypassed the "performance" career.

In addition to their lack of actual experience, their compositions stink and according to their glowing list of achievements they have never been hired or sold their music themselves.

Why could this potentially be the worst thing ever?

Because of the simple fact that what is produced or broadcasted by someone who has never been in the field, will be..


And it's NOT fair to the students or the industry.

It is in fact, so bad.. that (And I never thought I would say this) if we were living in a world where you had to obtain a license to teach marketing or many of the other things that I do, that would be a good thing for me.

Because I will literally smoke any marketer and multi-media producer out of the water.

I say that as if I were in a competitive sport.

Because I take what I dedicate my life to very seriously.

Look, I'm just saying the possiblities that your "websites" folder has this many actual items created is near impossible:

Sorry I'm so into myself. Here's my point..

I likely cannot say the same for the people who dominate the "Internet Marketing Reviews" section.

Ask yourself this; Wouldn't you expect the people in the top IM "review" videos on Youtube to be experts?

Well, they are far from it.

VERY far, like the only money they ever made online was from doing Internet Marketing Product Reviews.


Yeah, so I'm basically going to shred them into pieces.

So.. why did the FTC create the Affiliate Disclosure Rule?

Because your customers should know they are customers because of you.

They should know you are selling them something and not just "trying to help" as alot of these phony baloney "reviewers" would have you believe.

That's why every email I send out to my subscribers includes an "Affiliate Relationship" disclaimer.

Do these guys do that? Nope, it would ruin their little business they have.

Most people who purchase stuff online do not put together the pieces neither do they look a little closer at the URL complete with affiliate ID after they click on their "recommended products" link.

Yep, these human parasites are gaining people's trust, with a fake smile. A few of these phonies have even tried to give me their fake advice which is so utterly pathetic it almost made me throw up, telling me not to curse because "grandma needs to believe this & that."


Then hard selling "grandma" a product on the phone over the course of days, weeks sometimes months. To make matters worse, they say they have been doing "Internet Marketing" for 9 years when the reality is they wouldn't know what to do with Internet traffic if it hit them in the face.

It's a double edged sword and a really bad one. If the marketer does not provide proof of experience, income, sites, clients, collaborations, companies worked for, they might simply be totally fake.

But on the other hand, some of the authors and gurus that do show big resumes, income and case studies might be a total waste of money or bask in unscrupulous billing practices. It's a difficult situation knowing who to study with in this industry.

Just to put things in perspective, my prices are based on the market and I usually price my production services or products competitively, in other words, I will make them more affordable than others.

When a dude like me teaches 4 hour "client assistance" classes for $2.00 a class and a freaking Eminem concert costs $100.00 a ticket you can probably imagine how pissed off I would get if someone who sells their training for $5000.00 doesn't show me respect. That's all its about.

It's Really Simple…

You want to sell Internet Marketing products?

Then what are your achievements and qualifications.

How many sites have you built yourself, how much money did you make with them, were you an expert in your niche, were you priced competitively, at what consistency, and in what niche, how did you do it, are you a Google Adwords professional, what software can you perform with, do people like your videos on youtube, how many views? How many videos do you put out every week?

See if I was going to hire a graphic designer, I would want to see the quality of his work. I would also want to know how fast he can produce it.

If I was going to hire an SEO professional, I would want to see examples of his work.

If I was going to go to a dentist, I would want to hear from his clients.

If I was going to hire a music producer, I would want to listen to his music.

Well that's just me.

I suppose alot of people would want to know what "big names" the music producer worked with. LOL Good luck with that.

Good luck finding out that the guy is so full of himself, he charges you $30,000 for the biggest glob of sonic crap you ever heard.

See as an underground producer online, without massive promotion and propaganda behind you..

Your performance ability dictates your success.

It is impossible for a very successful entrepreneur to produce hit after hit, without financial backing, to suck at what he does.

Earned my stripes.

I wouldn't want to learn from someone who only has a review site. Or someone who made a TON of money with some pyramid scheme and now teaches in my arena.


Let's See If You Are Real

This is mainly a challenge to anyone skeptical of what I do. This comes natural, because if you would like to challenge me, I think I'll win.

I am not to judge others if it is not my business. Make it about my business if you dare.

I'm talking to people who represent an authority or teach Internet Marketing or online business and all of the skillsets and at the same time shitty Internet Marketers or not Internet Marketers at all.

Not only the product review affiliates, but the guys at the very TOP who are no use to anyone in real life and have no skill, no passion and were simply given a podium by working their way up the corporate ladder.

It is going to come down to revenue from your portfolio and what your portfolio consists of and how strong are your personal success stories.

That same portfolio which a bank would want to see if they gave you a loan. Think of it that way.

Do you think the bank will give you a loan if you show them your "Internet Marketing Scam Review" site?


I get big loans if I want them. Get it?

If you dont have millions of dollars coming from sites like,,,, 40 other insanely successful sites, youtube and adwords accounts like mine, I would be weary of taking the challenge if I were you.

What I mean is you can't fake this.

or can you?

So go ahead and spin the wheel and we'll see! :) Ok, so maybe yeah I'm just joking, I do not expect anyone to really do it.

But you'll get the main idea. Below you'll see a test, which I worked hard on for this article. I do not care about alot of things that people mention, like if you are a "nice guy" or if you aren't a millionaire.

I think you'll get the main idea…