Online Business Rules

Keeping you on the right track, one site at a time.

  1. Be self sufficient, if you are unskilled, learn how.
  2. Only do a niche you specialize in or have experience in.
  3. Provide only when there is a demand (Only niches on marketplaces with good amount of traffic).
  4. Do not do a major, competitive niche unless you have money and do it right.
  5. Don't do too many niches
  6. Only do one niche
  7. Only work with your polar opposite. If you do Marketing, you can collaborate with an artist or specialist. And Vice Versa
  8. If you have been sitting at your computer not doing anything for more than 10 minutes, you need to turn on the video camera.
  9. Do not advertise to the general public, advertise to targeted niches that match what you are selling.
  10. Only use free traffic like youtube, craigslist, Forums, cross promos if not monetized, save money
  11. If you need income to supplement, write, draw, sing, code, print, send, speak, complete jobs on Fiverr or freelancer
  12. When you do a task, do as much as you can (until you totally run out of resources)
  13. Cross reference keywords and find keyword variations with the Google Keyword tool
  14. Cross reference your prices with marketplaces like amazon kindle, music and other multi-media items.
  15. Use the list you build by selling physical products via amazon and your own software and/or services.
  16. If you do not have a list, this means you need to contact more potential affiliates than if you did.
  17. Have some of the affiliates you contact promote your product before you promote theirs.
  18. You are given this privilege to use resources built by others only if you follow their rules, create workarounds to compensate and not burn bridges.
  19. Always reciprocate and uphold verbal or written agreements.
  20. Learn the law and be careful not to violate trademarks, ftc advertising guidelines, copyrights and disclose your affiliate agreements.
  21. Do not process major volume on PayPal
  22. In major niches you need a dedicated server to run your autoresponders with proper cam-spam compliant links and FTC disclaimers.
  23. If you offer a refund for 60 days, and someone asks for one, you need to do it or you will regret it.
  24. Sell out if you are not happy with the project. Sell the endeavor on Ebay or Flippa as a package. Keep it moving.
  25. When creating a PPC campaign, do 10-20 adgroups with a maximum of 10 buy, store, on sale, review type keyword variations in each.
  26. When creating digital product, in the $20 to $100 range you will provide 3 to 5 hours of video content and/or $0.25 to $0.50 a page. If creating an app, $0.00 you would monetize from "refills" and/or affiliate sales to $5.00, it will sell the more affordable you make it. :)